Are You Accidentally Attracting Rodents To Your Home In Turks & Caicos?

rat looking for food

If there is easy access to essentials and the right conditions - meaning food, water, and shelter, all rodents may be tempted to enter your home. To eliminate all kinds of rodents in your Turks & Caicos home, you should contact Turks & Caicos pest control for rodent removal assistance.

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In Turks & Caicos?

There are a couple of types of rodents that you may encounter around your Turks & Caicos property – the common brown rat and the mouse. These rodent species enter homes where they can hide out, scavenge for food efficiently, and access moisture. Rodents are also relatively small and skilled at fitting through small holes or gaps around your home. Just one or two rats or mice invading can quickly lead to a full-blown infestation due to the prolific nature of this pest.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rodents On My Turks & Caicos Property?

Rodents are unhygienic and unwanted around homes, but this pest may be more dangerous for your Turks & Caicos property than you may be aware. Rodents are significant carriers of the following serious diseases:

  • Bubonic Plague
  • Tularemia
  • Salmonella
  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

You can pick up these illnesses through contact with the rodent, via contaminated foods or surfaces, or by the urine and feces that different rodents leave behind. Mice, urine, and feces are especially problematic as they can become airborne and further spread disease risk throughout your home.

Additionally, mice and rats are carriers of pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites which can drop off and cause problems around your home. Rodents constantly chew, creating serious damage and destruction to your property as infestations grow out of control.

All The Factors That Attract Rodents To Your Turks & Caicos Property

Several factors can attract rodents to your Turks & Caicos property, as we mentioned above. It is essential to be aware of these factors and take steps to reduce or remove them if you want to stop accidentally attracting this pest to your home.

  • Rodents love to scavenge through food. If you have open trash cans or easy access to kitchens and food storage areas, rodents will invade your property to reach these places. Reduce access to trash and food to keep pests out.
  • Shelter is another major draw for rodents. They are attracted to dark, cluttered, and virtually untouched areas, so frequently clean them and be sure to seal up gaps around your home to deter them.
  • Pools of excess moisture provide an easy place for rodents to drink. Fix up moisture issues around your property and ensure proper ventilation in your home to prevent rodents.

After instituting prevention steps, you may still experience a rodent infestation. The next action plan is to call our experts at Parkway Pest Solutions. 

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Turks & Caicos And Keep Them Away

If you want to get rid of rodents around your Turks & Caicos property and keep them away for good, you should put your trust in our professionals at Parkway Pest Solutions. Equipped with years of experience and professional knowledge, our specialists at Parkway Pest Solutions can track down your rodent problem areas and create customized treatment plans. These plans will help remove rodents from every hidden area of your property and protect against reinfestations, so you can safely claim back your home.