The Secret To Effective Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control For Turks & Caicos Property Owners

mouse near basket

If you live in Turks and Caicos, you've probably come across a rodent or two. In fact, you may have even seen them in your home. Learn the secret to DIY pest control in today's article, and take steps to protect your home from rodents.

Types of Rodents in Turks and Caicos

There are two types of house-invading rodents in Turks and Caicos. First, there's the rat. A rat has a hairless tail, small ears, and large feet. It could be black or brown in color. A mouse, however, has a hairy tail and large ears and is usually grey or brown with a lighter underbelly. Typically, mice are smaller in size than rats. Sometimes baby rats can be mistaken for mice. Whichever rodent is in your home or business, you are in for trouble. Pests like mice and rats cause health issues as well as property damage.

The Dangers of Rodents

No one wants rodents around their home; they're associated with uncleanliness and filth. But some people don't realize the real reasons that rodents shouldn't be welcome in a home. There are several more serious reasons than reputation alone.

First, there's the fact that they can spread diseases. Hantavirus is only one of the many diseases spread by rodents. Other diseases include salmonellosis and rat-bite fever. Many of the diseases are spread through feces, so rodent droppings put everyone in your household in danger. And if anyone has allergies, they could be triggered by rodent hair.

There's also the issue of property damage. Because rodents have sharp teeth, they can chew through insulation, wallboards, and wires. All of that damage costs money to repair. In some cases, the damage results in fires that put the entire household in danger.

Signs Of Rodents

Rodents tend to scurry around in dark areas of your home at night. For this reason, you may not see them until it's too late. Before you see an actual rodent, you may find signs of their presence. For instance, you might see rodent droppings on your floors. Another common sign of rodents is chewed up building materials or furniture. If you see signs of rodents or hear scurrying in your walls, it's time to take action. You need to call in a professional to eliminate the rodents from your property.

What You Need To Know About DIY Rodent Control

If you're like most people, you probably want to handle the infestation on your own. After all, mouse traps are widely available at hardware stores. Unfortunately, DIY rodent removal is not a good idea. Rodents are elusive creatures, which makes it difficult to completely eliminate every rodent. They're also prolific breeders. If you don't catch all of them, you can be sure the remaining ones will breed and continue to damage your property and spread illness-causing pathogens.

Another challenge that comes with DIY removal is that you need a deep understanding of rodent behavior. If you don't bait a mousetrap with the right food or place it in the best location, you won't catch anything. It takes someone with an understanding of rodent behavior to deal with a rodent infestation.

Professional Help

The secret to rodent control is simple. You need the guidance of a professional. If you try to remove rodents on your own, you could harm yourself or make the problem worse. A professional knows what it takes to eliminate rodents. With years of experience and the correct resources, we can eliminate and deter rodents. The most effective and safest way to get rid of rodents is to contact the professionals at Parkway Pest Solutions. Call now to get started.