Why You Should Call The Professionals With Bed Bug Problems In Your Turks & Caicos Home

bed bug on pillow

When it comes to pests, there is no such thing as a good one. While many contribute to the ecosystem, the fact remains that they belong outside and not in your home. And there are some pests that are considered especially horrible. Consider bed bugs. These cringe-worthy pests are known for their small, flat, and round appearance. More importantly, they’re known for their desire to eat human blood.

Since bed bugs are so strongly disliked, it’s tempting for some in the Turks & Caicos area to consider DIY solutions to get rid of them. A common reason is that it’s believed to be cheaper to do it yourself rather than to work with trained professionals. For this reason, we’re going to explore some common solutions and why they don’t work well enough to justify the time and money spent.

Walking Through DIY Solutions

We get it. Bed bugs are troublesome for everyone regardless of the severity of the infestation. Did you know that they’re known to cause mental stress? Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home. These solutions include:

Use the laundry: If you notice signs of bed bugs on you or in your room, it’s a good idea to do the laundry. The reason for this is because the temperature setting for your washing machine and dryer can be set hot enough to eliminate bed bugs. You’ll want to ensure the cycle lasts at least 30 minutes.

Vacuum and seal: Vacuuming is known to be effective in getting rid of these bugs and their eggs whether they’re in your sheets or in the carpet. Once you’ve thoroughly vacuumed the area, the next step is to seal your mattress, box spring, and other furniture to prevent future contamination.

The main problem with the two former solutions is they’re very focused on specific areas. Bed bugs are known to crawl and get into multiple places, as long as they’re dark most of the time. To make things worse, bed bugs reproduce rapidly. For this reason, many have tried the following to round out their approach:

At-home pesticides: In theory, this should work since they’re known to kill most pests. Unfortunately, it’s been proven that bed bugs produce a range of enzymes that can detoxify various pesticides. As such, they have built up immunity against this method.

Essential oils: In a controlled environment, this solution actually worked really well. However, when applied to real-world settings, this idea fell flat. While the reason for this hasn’t been discovered, the fact remains that this solution should be ignored. Save the $7-$20 per bottle and invest in something else.

Ultrasonic devices: It sounds great in theory to emit sound waves to keep bed bugs away. Unfortunately, the reality is that they don’t work at all. And thanks to the low heat emitted by these devices, they can actually attract bed bugs. Considering that some of these devices can cost as much as a few hundred dollars, this is one solution to forget.

While some solutions work, they only work up to a certain point. In other cases, it’s money down the drain since they’re less than effective. When you factor in the time and money spent on DIY solutions only to get sub-par results, it’s clear that seeking professional assistance is the way to go to stop your bed bug problem, the first time.

Bed Bug Control From Parkway Pest Solutions

Bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem across the world. Since Turks and Caicos is known for its travel, the problem is even worse. That’s why our team at Parkway Pest Solutions is ready to assist you at the first sign of an infestation.

We begin with a free inspection to identify if you have bed bugs. We identify where they’re hiding so we can contain the problem. Once the inspection is complete, it may be time to begin our whole-house treatment to ensure nothing is missed. We use the latest in monitoring and removal services to deliver the kind of results you can count on.

Are you ready to explore your bed bug control options? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.