overhead view of a desk with a computer on it in south caicos

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a cockroach crawling on food in a home on grand turk island

Are Cockroaches Dangerous In Turks & Caicos?


It can feel like cockroaches are just a part of life in Turks and Caicos. These insects are extraordinarily hard to keep out of a home, and the climate here is perfect for them to thrive and reproduce.... Read More

a mosquito biting a persons hand on grand turk island

How To Minimize Mosquito Risks In Turks & Caicos


If you live in Turks and Caicos, you've probably noticed that mosquitoes become more problematic after the heavy rains of a tropical storm and in times of flooding; that's because they require standing water to breed.... Read More

a moisture damaged window at a home on south caicos island

Moisture Problems Can Lead To Termite Damage


Since wood is a termite's food of choice, it is no surprise that they choose to invade our homes. A home built from wood that also has high levels of moisture or humidity is like an invitation for termites to invade.... Read More

a termite crawling on damaged wood at a home in providenciales

How Does Termite Pre-Treatment Work?


Subterranean termites are pernicious pests that tunnel underground, emerging to feed on man-made structures. When they do, they don't just come up next to a home or business; they can resurface underneath the foundation.... Read More

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