The Ultimate Mosquito Control Guide For Your Turks & Caicos Property

mosquito sucking blood

Mosquitoes are common outdoor pests that are known for leaving us with red, itchy bites. Because these flying pests can potentially carry very harmful diseases, they remain a leading public health risk. The health-related concerns are magnified here on the Turks and Caicos Islands, as the climate accommodates these unwanted pests year-round.

How to deal with mosquitoes? In most instances, those who consult with a local pest control professional achieve the best results. Our local Turks & Caicos pest control company employs a team of trained experts that know how to get rid of mosquitoes on patios, decks, and other exterior areas.

Mosquito Means 'Little Fly'

The term “mosquito” is derived from the Spanish word meaning “little gnat” and also the Latin term musca, which translates to “fly.” Regardless of the term used to describe these undesirable pests, evidence suggests mosquitoes have existed throughout most of recorded history. Mosquitoes are problematic pests throughout much of the world today—particularly during the warmest months of the year.

Mosquito Bites Can Spread Dangerous Diseases

Female mosquitoes in Turks and Caicos bite using a specialized proboscis mouthpart that pierces the skin. Blood consumption provides female mosquitoes with proteins that help with the development of eggs, which they ordinarily position in pools of standing water.

What are the types of diseases you can get from mosquitoes? Some of the most common health risks associated with mosquitoes include dengue, West Nile virus, malaria, and several other viruses.

Fortunately, the majority of mosquito bites do not result in a serious illness. In most instances, a red bump appears on the skin, which is often itchy and irritated.

Mosquito Prevention Tips That Work

Are you looking for answers regarding how to keep mosquitoes away from your house? Consider some of the following preventative measures:

  • Remove objects from yard areas that may capture rainwater, including pots, planters, tarps, and kiddie pools.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts properly maintained to avoid water problems.
  • When possible, avoid outdoor activity during the hours of dusk and dawn, as mosquitoes are most active during these times.
  • Some of the most effective repellent products are those containing DEET, IR3535, and oil of citronella.

While these prevention methods are typically effective, properties with a sizable population of mosquitoes should seek assistance from trained pest control professionals.

Pro Mosquito Control Offers The Best Protection For Your Yard

Are you a property owner in Turks & Caicos that is struggling with how to repel mosquitoes? Our experienced certified pest control technicians with Parkway Pest Solutions understand how to get rid of mosquitoes in yard areas safely and effectively.

The initial step in our mosquito control process involves performing a property assessment; this inspection seeks to identify any existing property conditions attracting mosquitoes. Based on the findings of our qualified technician, we will clearly explain the best treatment options. One of our trained team members will use a specialized misting device to treat bushes, shrubs, trees, and other areas where mosquitoes hide to avoid the hot midday sun. Further, we may treat any areas of standing water using a product that targets mosquitoes in their phases of development as eggs and larvae.

Those soon hosting an outdoor event such as a graduation party or wedding might choose our one-time treatment option, which provides excellent short-term results. Residents with a substantial mosquito population on their properties often choose an ongoing service plan that features treatment visits on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis.

We also now offer permanent Mosquito Misting Systems for the continual treatment of mosquitoes. Our professionals handle the system installation and ongoing maintenance.

Contact our office today for further details regarding our comprehensive home pest control solutions.