Four Ways You Could Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Turks & Caicos

bed bugs sucking blood

Bed bugs have a reputation due to the problems they cause and the difficulties of getting rid of them. However, some of the information you may have heard about bed beds could be incorrect. Myths about pests can lead to infestations getting worse and increase the difficulty of eliminating them. As a Turks and Caicos resident, you should know the truth about bed bugs to keep you and your household safe.

Bed Bug Myth #1

The first-bed bug myth is a common misconception. It is that bed bugs only happen in and around beds and usually only in dirty homes. This is untrue. Bed bugs can happen to anyone. Usually, it is the people that live in the house who bring bed bugs in. This can happen through bringing in used items, picking the pest up while traveling, or even from placing a bag or jacket down in a public place. Although bed bugs do prefer sleeping areas, they can also be found in the following places in a home:

  • In the folds of curtains
  • Seams and crevices of furniture
  • Heads of screws
  • Drawer joints
  • Under area rugs
  • And more

It is essential to be mindful when bringing home used items or items that have traveled with you. Always inspect and clean your luggage before putting them near clean clothes and furniture.

Bed Bug Myth #2

Another myth is bed bugs spread disease. The truth is, there is no concrete evidence of disease spread by bed bugs. However, a bed bug infestation can lead to other health issues. Health concerns from bed bugs include:

  • Bites and constant inching cause insomnia. Not only can the physical elements of a bed bug infestation affect sleep, but the mental aspects can have a lasting effect. 
  • Pest infestations are stressful. The stress of a bed bug infestation can affect blood pressure, heart rate, and appetite. 
  • Secondary infections from scratching. Continuous scratching can leave bite wounds open and exposed to germs.
  • Severe enough cases can lead to anemia, especially in those that already have a low iron count.
  • Allergies are another concern when it comes to bed bugs. Bites can cause allergic reactions in some.

Bed Bud Myth #3

Another common misconception is bed bugs are too small to see. This is untrue. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. Due to their nocturnal nature, usually seeing bed bugs is not an initial sign of an infestation. Other visual signs of bed bugs are rusty stains on bed sheets, dark spots that are excrement, shed body parts, and tiny white eggs.

Bed Bug Myth #4

The last and possibly most detrimental myth is that you can get rid of bed bugs independently. The truth is it is challenging to get every egg, nymph, and adult bed bug on your own. This can lead to the problem lasting much longer and getting worse. At the first signs of a bed bug infestation, contact the professionals at Parkway Pest Solutions.

Bed Bug Control

Parkway Pest Solutions uses a proven process to treat bed bug infestations. Starting with an inspection to assess the problem, then implementing a treatment that is right for you and your home, and finally, providing follow-up services to ensure the infestation has been eradicated. Keep your Turks and Caicos home pest-free with the help of Parkway Pest Solutions. Schedule your bed bug control services today!