What Is Attracting Mice To My Home On Turks & Caicos?

a mouse on a rock outside of a home on south caicos island

While mice are not native to Turks and Caicos, they have found their way over to our lovely islands and quickly adapted to our environment. Now that they call Turks and Caicos home, they have begun moving into homes as well – much to residents' dismay. To understand why mice are choosing to invade the place we call home, we must first understand things that attract them inside.

Why Are Mice Invading My Home?

Mice are simple creatures that only need a few basic things to survive on our beautiful islands. Unfortunately, many of the necessities that mice seek out can be found right inside your Turks and Caicos home. Warmth, easily accessible food sources, a steady water source, and shelter are the only things mice really need to thrive on your property. Because they already have the warmth they require simply by living on a tropical island, mice will usually invade homes as they forage for food and shelter. All living creatures need food and water to live and raise their young, and mice are no exception. Additionally, mice prefer to raise their young in hidden areas where predators will not find them, and these sheltered areas are quite easy to find if they decide to invade your home.

Mistakes You May Be Making To Invite Mice Inside

No one wants to admit that they might be part of the problem, however, understanding what things you may be doing to attract mice into your home can help when it comes to keeping them out. Common mistakes to avoid include the following:

  • Having clutter in or around your home that mice could use as hiding spaces or shelter.
  • Leaving your trash bins uncovered, both inside and outdoors.
  • Letting pet food sit out overnight.
  • Storing leftover foods in containers that are not pest proof or airtight.
  • Not cleaning regularly to remove crumbs and food residue from your floors and counter surfaces.

Is There Any Way To Keep Mice Out Of My Home?

Thankfully, you do not have to worry about defending your Turks and Caicos home from mice on your own. Parkway Pest Solutions provides comprehensive rodent control options for any homeowner who needs a solution to their mouse infestation. It’s never too late to contact professional pest control, but it is always better to be prepared and implement a home pest control plan before pests are able to invade your home. Here at Parkway, we understand the dangers mice can bring to your health and your home, which is why we will work with you to come up with a rodent control plan that fits the needs of your property. Reach out to us today and receive the year-round pest control you deserve!