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carpenter ant on home foundation

Here's How To Tell If Your Westchester Property Has Carpenter Ants


Have you ever seen abnormally large ants on your property? At first, you feel that momentary panic, that “Whoa, those are huge ants” kind of feeling. Then you realize that these larger ants are a little slower (and much easier to squish). However, if you knew the damage that carpenter ants are causing within your walls, you’d be a little more focused on keeping them off your property.... Read More

camel cricket crawling on a carpet in a home

What Long Island Homeowners Ought To Know About Camel Crickets


If you’re a sports fan or, really, if you’ve ever been on a sports team, you know the magic of a good nickname. Typically, it’s the best players on the team that have the best nicknames. It’s the unique players that stand out or have a lot of personalities, the ones that everybody seems to gravitate towards. The nicknames take on a type of persona and give people a certain mystique. The camel cricket is no ... Read More

bed bugs in a mattress

The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Nassau County Home


When you think about problems in your life, a potential bed bug infestation probably isn’t high on the list. If you think that you can’t incur an infestation because you have a nice house or because you wash your sheets, then you’re sadly mistaken. And you’ll be sadly surprised when you find out how big of a problem they can become. ... Read More